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A rare variation in the branching pattern of posterior cord


Variations have been reported about branches of the brachial plexus and the distribution of the branches, but variations of posterior cord are partly rare. Variation of the brachial plexus was found in the right upper extremity of a 72-year-old formalin-fixed female cadaver who had no pathological or traumatic lesions, or surgical scar in the neck, thoracic or axillary region. In the right brachial plexus, it was observed that posterior cord had only two branches, namely axillary and radial nerves. Upper subscapular nerve, thoracodorsal nerve and lower subscapular nerve emanated from axillary nerve. There was no other variation of brachial plexus in either side. The knowledge of the lower subscapular nerve, the upper subscapular nerve and the thoracodorsal nerve emerging from the axillary nerve is very important for successful regional anesthesia, surgical interventions and radiological examination in this region.

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