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Absent quadrate lobe of liver: anatomical and clinical relevance

Shilpi Gupta DIXIT, Seema DHURIA, Surajit GHATAK

Many studies have described various congenital anomalies of liver like agenesis or hypoplasia of its lobes, or absence of its segments. Comprehensive knowledge about the differentiation of segments and their abnormalities is essential for successful modern surgeries on hepatobiliary system. An unusual anatomical variation of liver was found during dissection of an adult male cadaver in an undergraduate medical students’ class. The quadrate lobe was completely absent. There was no accompanying anomaly. Fissure for ligamentum teres and ligamentum venosum were normally placed with respect to each other. Awareness of variations of the lobes and fissures of liver is of immense importance for surgeons and clinicians and will help in preventing confusion in radiological as well as surgical diagnosis. The variation in the present study is being reported to alert the clinicians and surgeons about the various abnormalities in appearance of liver.

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