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How To Fix SUD Assessments

Partick N. Moore LPC

Counselors rely on assessments. Conventional Substance Use Disorder (SUD) assessments convert quantity, frequency and negative outcomes into a score that is interpreted by the counselor to the client. Depending on the score, the counselor does nothing, provides a brief intervention or referral to treatment. This screen, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) process was formed and tested in the 1980s, almost 40 years ago. In spite of huge investment, research and advocacy - predictable negative outcomes continue. Can this approach be improved by recent research? Yes it can. The addition of risk response factors complements any assessment. Below is the model used in Prehab research at Kennesaw State University in the Southeastern U.S. (Moore,2016). The research, measurement, data, analysis, outcomes and Prehab presentation can be seen at www.prehabmapp.com.

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