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Integrative approaches to treat cancer

Yulia Pavlikova

Many cancer patients also employ complementary therapies or other forms of medication. For the treatment, prevention, and improvement of health, an integrative approach to cancer care integrates conventional medicine with evidence-based alternative medicines/therapies and lifestyle interventions. To treat the whole person, not just the sickness, is the core of this approach. It makes use of auxiliary technologies that could help the practitioner diagnose early carcinogenesis and track the efficacy of treatment. Cancer is caused by a variety of causes, some of which can be greatly altered by the patient and which oncologists may be able to suggest, such as stress, poor nutrition, inactivity, restlessness, and a lack of vitamin D. Evidence-based complementary medicine approaches include the use of supplements, herbal medicine, various practices that reduce stress, and physical therapies. Individualised to the patient, these can also help address the symptoms and signs associated with cancer and its orthodox treatment.

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