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Through the looking glass: A second chance at identifying victims of human trafficking

Maria Bodic, Archadhaa Sivakanthan, Sukanya Vartak, Rachel Varadarajulu, Brenda Cartujano Barrera, Ambika Yadav, Mark Makar, Theresa Jacob

It has been estimated that around 37%-50% of trafficked persons encounter healthcare professionals during their captivity, with one extensively studied report finding as many as 88% of trafficked persons having contact with a healthcare provider during their exploitation. The purpose of this study is to identify common “red flags” and provide resources, on a case-by-case basis, for possible or confirmed victims of human trafficking. Methods: Institutional review board approval was received and a retrospective chart review was done, of patients who were evaluated and/or treated by psychiatry in an acute care setting. Multiple patients had exhibited “red flags” for human trafficking. However, due to lack of adequate training to screen for human trafficking, some patients were discharged with inadequate resources to assist with improving their quality of life. There should be more training for health care workers, particularly in Psychiatry, on how to screen for human trafficking and on various resources that are available for a safe disposition.

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