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Variant origin and course of ulnar artery – a case report

Satheesha Nayak B

Variations in the arterial system of the upper limb are well documented. A thorough knowledge of arteries of the upper extremity is necessary during vascular and reconstructive surgery and also in evaluation of angiographic images. We present here a case of variant origin and course of ulnar artery. The ulnar artery had a high origin from the brachial artery in the middle of the arm and proceeded superficially in the forearm but had a normal termination in the hand. The brachial artery had a usual course in the arm but in the cubital fossa it divided into the radial and common interosseous arteries. Knowledge of this variation is important to the radiologists, orthopedic and plastic surgeons for appropriate planning of operative procedures involving superficial ulnar artery.

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